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RunKeeper is an application works on my iPhone and I've been using that for these two months. Here is a copy...RunKeeper is an iPhone application that enables you to use the built-in GPS in your iPhone 3G to track all of your outdoor fitness activities, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and path traveled on a map. You can store all of your historical activities on the RunKeeper website and share them with your friends!

As of now, I enjoy using this application for my daily walking. What I use is a free version of this application, but it seems enough for me because I don't need any Audio Cues, Post Geo-Tagged Photos or iPod Playlist Integration.


I have a SLR (single-lens reflex camera) made by Canon and a compact type one made by Nikon, but I've never used a twin lens reflex camera.
The other day, I received this type of camera as a birthday present from my close friend.
Gee! I've never received a present this great before and it seems a suitable gift for me because I love to take a picture.
The enclosed photo album is very cool design and a book titled "The day you were born" gives me happy emotional feeling.
Anyway, it was absolutely a big surprise and I'm wondering why she knew what I wanted, nevertheless I didn't know what I wanted.
Thanks a lot, much appreciate it and I'll give this camera a try!

If you're interested in camera stuff, you may have a question about what is a twin lens reflex camera. This link might give you an answer. Japanese and English, both languages are available.


Greetings for the new year

a practical painkiller

To my mortification, this morning I fell pretty hard and suffered slight abrasion to my palms and knees again, in front of my house. Fortunately, now I'm with negligible wound pain. My wife was laughed at for my act dumb then allowed me to drink my favorite Diet Coke instead of taking painkillers. This made me so happy. Here is a photo of the limited version of 2L diet coke bottles.


Yesterday, my wife had something to do in Osaka and she tried taking the wheel by herself, I went there with her for helping her driving.
Driving on the Kobe Line of the Hanshin Expressway is no problem, but on the loop line, sometimes I'm paralyzed by fear from their bad safety rule.
Most of the drivers drive recklessly on the loop line of Hanhin Expressway, I'm afraid. So I decided to go with her.

Fortunately, yesterday, we got to our destination.

And then, there was the waiting. So I was hanging around the downtown of Osaka, Shinsai bashi area. I went to Amerikamura for the first time in a few years. Amerikamura (American Village) is usually referred to by locals as "Ame-mura." It is a sizable retail and entertainment area near Shinsaibashi in the Minami district of Osaka, Japan. Amerikamura is identifiable by a small-scale reproduction of the Statue of Liberty that peers down on the streets. It is a well-known haunt of expatriate Westerners, and centres on Triangle Park, a concrete rest area surrounded by retail outlets of Western fashions, bars and nightclubs, some of which are run by Westerners.

I enjoyed my holiday. :-)

A big surprise

First of all, I would say it's very kind of you to the person who gave it to me!

The stuff what I got is "NEO CUBE" that I've written as an article for my journal and I've been thinking I'd like to give it a try when I get a chance.

I know that this article should be posted with some photos of my work, but it is harder than I'd expected. Details will be forthcoming shortly, I guess.

Now discover what is waiting for you!

Click to Enlarge

An oceanfront fancy cafe

I'm a regular at a tiny curry restaurant in the neighborhood of where I live, and we went to there to have dinner with my wife last night. I like to have a seat at the bar, and there are many fryers on the end of the bar. At there, I got a flyer regarding to a temporary cafe will be available at a retro house called Guggenheim House.

Guggenheim House is a very popler retro house and recognized as a kind of simble of this area. It takes only a few minutes to Guggenheim House from our house, but I've never been to inside the house. So I've always wanted to go there if I have a chance. Apparently, it looks wonderful chance and it's now or never!

Here is the information about the cafe.

Men In B

To my surprise, I was asked an unexpected question from my friend who lives in the US as follows, the other day.

The question was..

btw - have you seen the new man bras hitting japan?

I thought that the word "bras" must have another meaning other than the meaning that I know, but it does not. Other meanings which I could find were Bra and BRA. Bra is a kind of semi-firm cheese, and the other BRA stands for British Refrigeration Association. Those are unconstruable words in this case. Finally, I realized that bra means a bra.

Because I'd never heard of these kind of news around me, I thought it must be a kind of joke or something. I told my friend "No way, It's a kind of joke." But as she said, she was very serious and her husband saw it online, then she gave me a link.

After clicking the link, I could have a look at the related article on ABC news web site, but I still could not believe it. Because it's written in English, you know.

It's possible that a cultural misunderstanding could happen in the process of transmitting information between countries using different languages.
Suppose, searching in Japanese would make it clear, I thought.
This is what I got and now I can say it's true.

It's interesting to speculate as to why it happened, but for me, it will never in a million years.

PS: This information reminds me a TV spot for a car, Nissan NOTE.
A fruity man in bra is speaking something.

Nissan NOTE

Unusual occurrences in Tokyo.

Past weekend, I had been to Tokyo to attend an annual event, end of the year party at work. Generaly, in Japan, the parties are necessary to maintain good relations at work. But there is a problem.

Usually, people who lives far away from Tokyo like us are forced to get around on a tight schedule, because our company only pays for transportation, it means they doesn't assume the lodging expenses. For example, in my case, it takes approximately 4 to 5 hours each way, it was nothing but a painful weekend jaunt. After drinking a lot, most of people tend to crave to go sleep in bed as soon as possible, I think. But I could not do that. That's why I felt I don't want to attend this event if possible.

Fortunately, in this time, I had to be in Tokyo by a day before the party because I had got something to do in HQ. So my lodging expenses were fully covered as expense and I could bridge the gap. I've been Tokyo many times, but most of them were for business. So I decided to hang around in my spare time.

Firstly, I went to a Chinese noodle shop named Ikaruga in Kudanshita which my friends introduced me as a recommended one.

After having had a tasty noodle, by chance I met some Microsoft MVPs at the entrance to subway of Tozai-line, and a guy who were an employee of Microsoft happened to be there. Last time we met was at Seattle and I had no idea where he lives after he quit his job, good running into them. This was too much of a coincidence and I felt that Tokyo was a small city in fact. lol

As far as other things I did, I attended to a party (a main one!) which was held in Marubiru in front of Tokyo station (a singer KAN was singing a song in the lobby), went to NATARAJ, a Indian restaurant in Ogikubo, went Karaoke box with co-workers for social reasons, and went to Inogashira park in Kichijouji to take a walk. While I was loitering in the park, I could see some trees tinged with red tho it's already winter season. It's curious sight and I took this shot with pleasure!

I experienced unusual occurrences in Tokyo.

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