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Next Pepsi can will look like

quoted from here:

PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) has joined the ranks of old, canned brands giving themselves brand new cans. As part of a $1.2 billion worldwide campaign designed to give its major soft drink flavors fresh new logos intended to recall "smiles," the new Pepsi packaging is being tactically leaked to influential marketing journalists.

Blogger Peter Shankman was treated to an elaborate series of courier deliveries that culminated in a sample of the new can: the same royal blue hue, but clean-looking, polished to a metallic sheen, and sporting the sort of lower-case lettering that was last popular during the disco craze.

A few people have already pointed out that the new logo slightly resembles the one used by Barack Obama's current campaign. I don't see it myself. Both are circles, and both are red, white, and blue. But if anything, the Pepsi logo looks a whole lot like, well, the old Pepsi logo. And even that soon-to-retire yin-yangy logo, which came online in 2002 but was based on a decades-old design, looks more like Obama's stamp than the swishier new one.

I didn't know about the Obama's current campaign logo, so I googled it! Now I can say Indeed...

Some very close friends know that I'm a coke addict (not stands for nose powder!). Sometimes when I use the word COKE, I'm often asked like this. PEPSI is sort of COKE right? Always I explain COKE is a term used for Cola from Coca Cola Campany, it's not for PEPSI. But it seems that most of my friends feel both of them have same taste. I always have a feeling in my mind ..."Would you stop making jokes in poor taste?"

By the way, please tell me where can I get Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero.
I loved the one but it's hard to get it where I live.

The status of Galen

On August, I posted an article on Galen. Galen is a cute white horse belongs to my friend Tracy.

It's very rare that a horse is kept as a pet simply because we cannot have enough space. In addition, because of the photos of Galen were very cute, so many comments were replied. After that, I got an email from tracy with the details of Galen.
Her mail says, as of Aug. Galen was 3 months old and I heard that a 3 months old baby horse looks like as an adult.

She kindly allowed me to place a link for her web album.
Here you can see the latest photos of Galen. Much appreciated Tracy!

To my surprise, I can see a dog and a horse are nice to each other.
Everyone is doing well and happy.

I wish I could meet them some day.

Got an IR Receiver Kit

Since my first visit to IKEA, I think I've become a bigger IKEA fan. Not only me, but also my wife too. It was very fun to have a look at stylish designed furnitures at shop then we were embedded in IKEA stuff that we were not aware of. Finally, most of the stuff in our house have been replaced to IKEA's.

A little while later installed a TV cabinet, we noticed something bad.
When I was going to control an HD recorder which has been placed inside of the cabinet, I realized that the zapper doesn't work. I was shocked when I knew it because we cannot return this cabinet after built-up, so I have to search for another solution.

Most easiest solution is installing glass doors instead of wooden one so that the IR system works as it is. But we loved that white coating door, so we were not going to replace them. (By the way IR stands for infrared.)

In a stalemate, I was searching something via Google. Fortunately, when I entered keywords IR + something, a great stuff was listed up. It's called an IR-Receiver that makes hook-up infrared possible. I was very glad to be able to find this so I made frivolous purchases over the Internet with pleasure.

What I bought is Xantech F8291-10

Installation was very easy and it didn't take time.
Now we can control the HD player, an AV amplifier and other stuff inside of the cabinet however doors are closed.

Mr.Pine is not long for this world

Since the day before yesterday, it seems that our lovely male guppy named Mr.Pine has been dying. His name comes from his species - Pine, his body color looks like a pineapple and he is attached to us very much.

His way of swimming seemed he lost sense of balance and sometimes wriggled distressfully. Basically he was a male fish of great vitality, every time he was going after females, but now he was attacked by baby fish. His long fin might attract the interest of babies.
It looked very painful so me and my wife decided to move him to other tank for his safety.

Now, there is no male individual in the main tank. For some reason, the male individuals in the main aquarium tank are dead after another. When we noticed, they were food for shrimps and disappeared completely. As good luck would have it, we could notice his abnormally appearance this time. In fact, my wife noticed that then she said "Something weird is going on." After we moved him to other treatment tank, to recover his condition, pour in some salt in there. According to the specialist of guppies, salt works in this case. So we tried as they says. At the moment, he still lives but it just manages to keep alive. We hope it makes a difference.

大切なもの/自由の道 by THE RED NAMES - Art Stone Records -

前回オムニバスアルバムのジャケットをデザインさせていただいた関係で、再びArt Stone Recordsさん(からジャケットデザインのお話を頂きました。

今回は所属アーティストであるTHE RED NAMESさんのCDで、10/26(日)に東京で行われる毛皮反対デモのコラボレーション楽曲が収録されています。

デモに関してはアニマルライツセンター 毛皮反対デモ行進2008をご覧ください。





THE RED NAMESさんのサイトをご覧ください。

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