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In the first of January 2009, I was reawarded as the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Business Productivity-Excel.
This awarad is on a yearly basis, every year I'm wondering if I can get it again, but fortunately, I've been awarded 6 times since 2004 including this award. I'll go with Excel one more year.

As a gift from Microsoft, I got this crystal glass plaque this year.
I'd prefer a not degital stuff because the MP3 player which I got as a gift from MSFT last year was broken before I bring it into use. It was a shame!

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What is Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

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Masaru aka Colo- one of an ex-Microsoft MVP for Excel


I'm Masaru from Kobe, Japan. I'm a computer system administrator for an equipment manufacturer. My line is operation AS400 server and Windows2008 server. I sometimes write VBA code for the company.

From 2004 to 2009, I had been nominated as a Microsoft Excel MVP, but now days, I have no opportunities using with excel in my daily life, so I decided to quit being an MVP. But I still love to use Excel.

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