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Annet Louisan

As one of my favorite artists nowadays, I'd like to share information about this female singer from Germany.

Annet Louisan

What I love is an album titled "teilzeithippie" which means " Part-time Hippie".
Since all the lyrics are written in Germany, all I can do is guessing what does that mean, but her cute and "coquettish" voice attracts me even if I have no idea what the song means. Untill I met this album, I thought German language sounds hard, but her way of singing sounds like speaking might from its french pop sound.
Anyway, check this out.

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Masaru aka Colo- one of an ex-Microsoft MVP for Excel


I'm Masaru from Kobe, Japan. I'm a computer system administrator for an equipment manufacturer. My line is operation AS400 server and Windows2008 server. I sometimes write VBA code for the company.

From 2004 to 2009, I had been nominated as a Microsoft Excel MVP, but now days, I have no opportunities using with excel in my daily life, so I decided to quit being an MVP. But I still love to use Excel.

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