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Since Andrew, who is one of my best friend, has been home on a visit with his family, we decided to meet when it is convenient for both of us. Accede to a request from his son, we visited Iga Ninja Mura in Mie pref. It took about 3 to 4 hours by train from Kobe, but we didn't feel bored because we had a great time to talk about recent event, Excel and Ninja! We made a round of visits at there in Ninja clothes.


Believe feat.ラッパ我リヤ by HEARTLAND



タイトルはBelieve feat.ラッパ我リヤ by HEARTLANDです。

A little while back, my friend Marizo aka HEARTLAND released a CD!

Congratulations Marizo〜!
Her new song with Hip-Hop unit Rappa-garia seems great.

The title is Believe feat.Rappa-garia by HEARTLAND.
Check her good song out!

Excel VBA アクションゲーム作成入門


題名は「Excel VBA アクションゲーム作成入門」です。


Excel VBAを使った、初の本格的ゲーム作成書
「Excel VBA アクションゲーム作成入門」(インプレスジャパン刊) の登場です



Excuse me for not introducing this information sooner, but I've been had eggs on the spit these days. My good friend, Gen Muto, wrote a book for publication.

The title of the book is "How to make Action Games with Excel VBA"

Muto-san, Congratulations on the publication of your new book.


A special privilege of having an iPhone is being able to watch YouTube directly, but you can watch YouTube movies on your mobile if the files have been converted. But it's too much trouble for converting file format. So I use the regularly.
You can save YouTube files as popular file format that can be played on your mibile.That's very handy, check it out.


In the first of January 2009, I was reawarded as the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Business Productivity-Excel.
This awarad is on a yearly basis, every year I'm wondering if I can get it again, but fortunately, I've been awarded 6 times since 2004 including this award. I'll go with Excel one more year.

As a gift from Microsoft, I got this crystal glass plaque this year.
I'd prefer a not degital stuff because the MP3 player which I got as a gift from MSFT last year was broken before I bring it into use. It was a shame!

another photo
What is Microsoft Most Valuable Professional


I have a SLR (single-lens reflex camera) made by Canon and a compact type one made by Nikon, but I've never used a twin lens reflex camera.
The other day, I received this type of camera as a birthday present from my close friend.
Gee! I've never received a present this great before and it seems a suitable gift for me because I love to take a picture.
The enclosed photo album is very cool design and a book titled "The day you were born" gives me happy emotional feeling.
Anyway, it was absolutely a big surprise and I'm wondering why she knew what I wanted, nevertheless I didn't know what I wanted.
Thanks a lot, much appreciate it and I'll give this camera a try!

If you're interested in camera stuff, you may have a question about what is a twin lens reflex camera. This link might give you an answer. Japanese and English, both languages are available.


A bare tank

It was beautiful, can I say this, it looked like a garden covered with moss. In fact, I don't hate moss but I know that it's not good for an aquarium.

To keep the water condition, I took measures for moss control such as being associated with an increased frequency of changing water, shorten the duration of lighting, but a successful outcome wasn't achieved. The other day, my wife suggested me that all the stuff attached moss in the aquarium should be replaced. My mind was made up by her suggestion then the main aquarium tank became like this. Generally, this kind of tank is called a bare tank. It looked like howling wilderness, so I put a driftwood in there.

Here comes the puffer the fast gun!

A 20 inch wide display

Insted of my old 17 inch square display, I bought a 20 inch wide display as you can see in this background of this article. I think that the monitor I got is a top-quality monitor at a very reasonable price. On some reviews, written like this.

This one has been excellent in all respects except gaming. With a slow response time of 16 ms, I have experienced much "ghosting" (Slow update of the picture) in all my game.

Becuse I won't use this for gaming and watching movies, I totally ignord the avobe opinion and it seems okay with me. All the stuff in my room such as a light for aquarium, a wall lack, a watch and a jacket case are in white, I'd like white one. So this is good in appearance.

This is the first time using a wide type monitor for me, I feel it's very handy and practical when I write some programing code.

Greetings for the new year

Roots written by Alex Haley

It's been 30 years since I first read this book which is written in Japanese.

As I was just six years old then, all I could understand was that the young African boy named Kunte Kinte, the lead character of the story, had been treated inhumanly and his toe (probably it was his thumb) was cut by spade or something like that.

Anyway, the story was a little bit difficult for a 6 years old boy but I tried to read it. Because it was a book owned by my aunt who was living together in my boyhood home and I liked her because she was a ten. It's true that this story has not been written for a 6 years old boy, but I'm sure I felt something from this story.

Now in the US, Mr. Obama, an African-American male exists as a President-elect.
In Roots, Kunte Kinte was kidnapped from his homeland and brought to the United States as a slave. It's just 200 years ago.

30 years ago, in Japan, a word Amerikan meant the white race. I'm ashamed to say that we used some discriminatory terms against African-American people with disregard to their human rights. So now I feel that I am living in the world beyond my imagination, in a good sense.

Regardless of what the world thinks, I think all the US citizens did the right thing in the presidential election. I'm sure it's something the world has been waiting for.

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Masaru aka Colo- one of an ex-Microsoft MVP for Excel


I'm Masaru from Kobe, Japan. I'm a computer system administrator for an equipment manufacturer. My line is operation AS400 server and Windows2008 server. I sometimes write VBA code for the company.

From 2004 to 2009, I had been nominated as a Microsoft Excel MVP, but now days, I have no opportunities using with excel in my daily life, so I decided to quit being an MVP. But I still love to use Excel.

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